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Anonymous said: Thoughts on spanking? CIO? Cloth diapers against disposable?

I don’t spank, Jade never cried it out during infancy, I use disposable diapers but I am aware of the potty traning/environmental benefits of cloth diapering 

Anonymous said: I get so paranoid about smoking because CPS has taken kids even from 215 patients for smoking weed. Do you ever feel this way?

I’ve met people that have dealt with CPS for crazy reasons but if you show them your medical card and don’t have an illegal (which is kind of impossible considering we both have our medical cards) amount of weed it should be ok. I mean my child from doctors, teachers, and all of her family and friends, and even a strangers positions can see I’m raising a well developed little human. it’s kind of complicated. Just hearing a family friend of ours go through some of that stuff (for a very unique reason that I won’t discuss but it’s not them) I know the procedure but they were totally fine because their family is wonderful and very well loved and the father is a huge pot head so

Anonymous said: I went to my mom the first time I wanted to smoke too... Now she buys from me! Haha

Hahaha close and honest mommy daughter relationships make me so happy:)






The poor models at Louis Vuitton.


yo, fuck marc jacobs, he treats models like complete shit all of the time and never gets called out on it

Oh my god this is real

if this doesnt get people pissed i dont know what will


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Anonymous said: Hey, my mom has always been open with smoking weed in front of us. She never blew smoke in our face or anything fucked up, but she would smoke in the living room with us there too, even as babies and toddlers. There is nothing wrong with it!!! When I wanted to smoke weed for the first time, I went to my mom (I was around 14) and we smoked in a safe environment, rather than skank, potentially dangerous weed with a bunch of other irresponsible teenagers. That anon can fuck off. Ugh

I’m glad to hear you grew up in a positive environment with an open minded family:) to be completely honest I never even smoke around Jade, She naps and goes to bed, and I mean we have a ton of family that come and swoop her up and there’s also Steven who takes her when he’s running errands to give me a break (because he’s oh so amazing ❤️) love and light~