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Anonymous said: Sorry to ask but are you still with jades father?

Don’t be sorry’ yep! Currently cuddling him;)

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Anonymous said: I have a dilemma, the guy my smoke from wants to fool around/have sex. He's really attractive/I'm really attracted to him and I can't stop thinking about him lately. I feel so wrong about it

Why exactly do you feel wrong about it? Do what you want?

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hele-lau said: TAGGED YOU'RE IT! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! Rules: Post 7 facts about yourself then pass this on to 10 other blogs❤️

Ok I also got this same thing from blissfulindigo so I’ll just do it together:)
1. I’m a Pisces
2. I’ve lives I. California my whole life
3. I’ve never been outside of The Unites States
4. I loooove animals
5. In in love with Jasmine green tea
6. I’m in love with classic rock
7. I’m a hugger

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Shout out to aliviaandemberlyn zen-mommy owllovingmomma aaayemiichelle theflamealchemistmom fullmetalmom turtandmamalivingfree mrhugedong sisteraves for being super mega babes.

I love you ❤️
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